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(Original - serigraph on hand-made paper; 18x24 in.)


"Fort Boise Free Trapper"

(hand-colored pen and ink lithograph print)

Although widely known as a printmaker, Robert R. "Bob" Auth was a prolific producer of fine art in numerous media: Acrylic painting; pen and ink illustration; lithography; calligraphy; unique media such as bone, wood, rawhide and metalwork; sculpture; watercolor painting; papier mache; engraving; etching; and pastels.

The artist's works are on display in public buildings and museums, private collections throughout the world, and have been accepted by the Smithsonian in Washington, DC.

Stearman Duster
"Stearman Duster "
(pen and ink lithograph print; 18x24 in.)

Francie's Camera

Rare and Unusual Collection!

A highly-unusual collection of twenty-five (25) Limited-Edition pen-and-ink lithograph prints have become available on Consignment for Purchase...

* ALL prints are numbered 175/250; each print is unique; and, the collection is exceedingly rare
* ALL are hand-embossed by the artist
* ALL are authentic, and in pristine as-new condition

This collection represents most of Bob's lithograph artworks produced largely during the 1970's. A partial representation of the available collection is at right; to view all Titles listed below please click here

Titles include:

Buckskin Bill Mountain Man 
Buckskin Bill Memorial 
Buffalo Hunter 
Buffalo Stand 
Bunkhouse Saturday Night 
Cree Bride 
Fort Boise Free Trapper 
Le Bois Wagon Master 
Nez Perce Scalp Dancer 
Portneuf Mountain Man 
Salmon River Trapper 
Wasatch Mountain Man 
Wasatch Rifleman 
Cauterizing the Wound (Indian Wars Series)
Rattles on Blanket (Indian Wars Series)
Timpoosman (Indian Wars Series)
Trowel Bayonet (Indian Wars Series)
Water Hole at Three Forks (Indian Wars Series)
Boeing 40A (Aviation Series)
Boise Bee Stings a FW-190 (Aviation Series)
First Airmail April 1926 (Aviation Series)
PT-22 on Final Approach (Aviation Series)
Stearman Duster (Aviation Series)
Yankee Doodle Bombs Gerbine (Aviation Series)

Offered: USD $1,250.00 (+psh)

If questions or interest, please inquire



Original Art on Long-Term Loan Now Available for Purchase -

Year: 1969
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Overall Dimension: 55.5 in. x 47 in.
Frame: Wood

Offered: USD $650.00

For consideration is artist Robert Auth's original "REFLECTEDDEUCE13069", returned from long-term loan where it was displayed in the Idaho Office of the Secretary of State..

The acrylic painting exhibits the artist's penchant for bold color and abstract presentation, and depicts a stylized Convair F-102 Delta Dagger in a mirage-like setting.- Ed.

Reflected Deuce





Original Art on Long-Term Loan Now Available for Purchase -

Year: 1970
Medium: Acrylic on shaped canvas
Overall Dimension: 36.5 in. H x 54.5 in. L x 6 in. D
Frame: Perimeter sheathed in riveted metal

Offered: USD $1,650.00

For consideration is artist Robert Auth's original "BIVICTORY122770ATRIBUTETOPHIL", a unique piece in the artist's body of work and a striking display of mixed media, depth, color and boldness to achieve visceral intensity.

Founded on his life-long interest in aviation, the artist created this three-dimensional work as a tribute to his older brother Phil Auth, a life-long aviator who had an enduring influence on Bob and his aviation-related artworks.

The painting's canvas is shaped upon wood scaffolding; the bi-plane, sun and turbulence trails are in raised relief with a recessed sky - Ed.




Artist's Proof - Available for Purchase

Medium: Engraved Etching/Aquatint on Hand-Made Paper
Print Dimensions: 35 in. x 23-1/2 in.
Paper Dimensions: 41-3/4 in. x 27 in.
Overall Dimensions: 46 in. x 30 in.

Offered: USD $1,300.00*

For consideration is artist Robert Auth's Proof Print of "Nez Perce War Memorial", beautifully presented in a wood frame, under glass, and ready for display.

For the Artist's Statement, click here

While on sabbatical in 1977, the artist collaborated with master printer Richard Royce of Santa Monica, CA in the production of this graphic tribute to the American native Nez Perce Nation.

The production process - Aquatint - is described here

From an original copper matrix the artist produced a limited edition of 50 prints; no open editions were ever produced; however, in preparation for the limited edition, the artist produced proof prints - only two are known to exist - and one is offered here for the first time. The piece includes the title (lower-left margin); the artist's scribed signature (lower-right margin); and, the notation "A/P" (lower-center margin). The print also includes the artist's unique "chops" embossment.

This is a truly rare offering, beautifully presented and a wonderful find to the discriminating collector.

* - Plus shipping, handling and insurance.

Original Art Available for Purchase -
Released From Artist's Reserve

Title: "HOME FOR CHRISTMAS" (1969)
Medium: Oil on HDF (fiber-board)
Painting Dimension: 17-1/4 in. x 24-3/8 in.
Opening Dimension: 17 in. x 23-7/8 in.
Overall Dimension:21-1/4 in. x 28-1/2 in.
Matte: Nominal 1 in. Velvet
Frame: Gilded wood

"Home For Christmas" offers a nostalgic look at American history through the depiction of a World War One-era scene near the state capitol building in Boise, Idaho. The foreground subjects - a serviceman embracing his loved one - are the keystone of this beautiful Christmas-themed oil, but also presented are the "everyday life" activities during the season: The gift-laden shoppers; carolers singing holiday songs on the People's common; Model T's traversing the scene - anchored by the capitol, relatively unchanged to this day. The soul of the piece is that quintessential juxtaposition of timely and timeless Americana.

This painting was the first to serve as a basis for what eventually became a series of Christmas greeting cards the artist produced. Though the medium changed through the course of many holiday seasons, the artist's general theme remained. It became his way of reminding us of our history and culture. - Ed.

Offered: USD $2,250.00

Home For Christmas

"Home For Christmas"

Book-Signings of "Francie's Camera" in Advance of Father's Day

Nick Collias (Editor) and Marc Auth (Photography and Graphics) will be on hand to sign and discuss "Francie's Camera - The Art and Stories of Robert Auth" at

* COSTCO in Boise, ID (2501 S. Cole Rd.) on June 8 from 3 - 5 pm; and
* COSTCO in Nampa, ID (16700 Markeplace Blvd.) on June 16 from 11am - 2pm

Books will be available for purchase, and the late artist's collaborators will be pleased to discuss the artist's life, art and the fast-paced project of producing his last "work" before he passed away. The bio/art book has been well-received, and includes hundreds of the late artist's works. (See excerpts here...)

"Francie's Camera" would make an excellent gift for Father's Day!

Original Art Available for Purchase
- From the Artist's Private Collection

"Bloomington Airport Nostalgia"
(2008; Original - acrylic on illustration board, 30x40 in.)

This painting depicts artist Robert Auth's nostalgic memory of the Bloomington, Illinois Airport (H.A. Will Field) circa 1930 when he was a child. The aircraft include a 1927 Curtiss Robin (at left), and a Waco "90" biplane, known as "Scoop", the staff airplane of the Bloomington Pantagraph newspaper.

(Excerpt from "Francie's Camera") -

"...He drafted stories under the auspices of the illustrated Christmas cards he makes and sends annually to dozens of friends and relatives nationwide. The acrylic paintings that graced the cards turned similarly illustrative, increasingly taking the form of peaceful scenes from Bob’s childhood in Illinois.

Bob’s story-by-story narratives hearken, for me, to the vaguely chronological memoirs that were commonly written by Western pioneers after the turn of the century, and published by regional presses..."

- Nick Collias, Edit.(2011)

(If you have interest in purchasing this work, please inquire...)
"Recent Discovery" -
Sylvan Hart aka "Buckskin Bill" Caricature (pencil; 8x10 in.) - found in the Artist's papers.

(Excerpt from "Francie's Camera") -

"...I followed Buckskin on his treks up and down the river for the next few days, and I made a few sketches of him before we bid him a fond farewell.

It was clear that we had connected, but that connection quickly grew into a close friendship. When he came down to Boise during the school year, he’d stay at my house, or he’d come by one of my art classes, something the students loved.

And after that first summer, he featured into my travel itinerary every summer for the next thirteen years, until the day when two other members of the Ee-Da-How Long Rifles and I fired muzzle-loading rifles over his casket as he was lowered into his grave in 1980..."

Auth Media


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