Over many years the artist collected firearms cartridges by brand and caliber. Since his time as a boy - finding them at a favorite neighborhood shooting spot as a lark - he developed both the passion and a discerning eye for amassing a collection as comprehensive as he could acheive. Fascinated with the orginal boards produced by the cartridge manufacturers in the 19th century, he strived to not only aquire but to enhance his collection by replicating these old commercial works of art - but with his own "signature" as the centerpiece.

While the first board he completed may have suggested a scene influenced by Russell, the other boards depict scenes re-creating his own hunting experiences; and, of course, each with its own story...

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If you wish to purchase a reproduction print - Please NOTE:

    • Because of the downsizing required to fit this format, fine print beneath individual cartridge specimens may not be legible
    • The gilded or wood frame surrounding the piece(s) as shown is NOT included in the print; you know how it would look best.
    • Print is produced as a Giclee' (archival satin paper and dye pigments)
    • Available print sizes include both 20" long side (smaller print), $35.00; and 20" short side (larger print), $60.00
  RemCartBoard2 SharpsCartBoard3 UMCCartBoard5  
  Remington Sharps UMC  
  WinchCartBoard1 WinchMtnLionCartBoard3    
  Winchester #1 Winchester #2