Like a growing number of people, Darrell Fowler became interested in muzzle-loading through membership in the ‘EE-DA-HOW Long Rifles,” an organization of dedicated black powder enthusiasts formed in Boise, Idaho back in the 60's.

In keeping with frontier tradition, many of the members assumed new and colorful names: ‘Grizz” is one of those members that found a new and exciting direction in his life. Like many of his EE-DA-HOW contemporaries, he learned the skills of the poineers, how to make rifles, knives, clothing, and the majority of basic materials necessary for becoming self-sustaining. I chose “Grizz” as the model for this print because he personifies the re-establishment of the energy and the ideals that immigrants brought to the west over a century ago. Like most of his muzzle-loading comrades, he is a colorful blend of those traits that we admire and associate with the rugged, resourceful frontiersman. In “Grizz,” Darell found a new form of recreation and life style; in “Grizz”, I found a new friend.