Licensing Images

Personal Use and Enjoyment -

If you like Bob's style and would consider it as wall-art enhancement to your home for your personal use and enjoyment, we welcome your purchase of a reproduction print on various media; however, no reproductions may be created from a purchased print. Digital image reproductions are not available for personal use. No exceptions, so please don't ask...


Commercial -

A license will be necessary for usage intended for public view, consumption and/or display. Commercial use can include digital reproductions.

High-resolution digital reproductions of images displayed on this web site are available for licensing by your end-use publication. We invite you to inquire here if you have interest in licensing reproductions in any media or format.

All images are currently available for license to reproduce and are made available as "rights-managed"; that is, specific terms of image use are authorized and made part of a licensing contract. In this manner, we are able to assure records of an image's previous authorized use(s), potential competetive use, sensitive content issues, or other considerations upon which you may take a more well-informed decision about your use of a subject image.

No third-party use is allowed, and any fee(s) quoted are for end-use consumption unless otherwise contractually pre-arranged.

NOTE: As appealing as you may find the artist's work, and as popular as his numerous exhibits and shows might imply, many images within the Brush section were derived from "one-off" original artisitic works. No facsimiles, duplicates or reproductions of these titles were ever created except for capture onto photographic transparency film. Scans are excellent and are available for electronic delivery in various formats; however, image(s) shall only be delivered and authorized for use upon our receipt of requisite license fee(s) unless we've otherwise agreed to special arrangements in advance. No one here likes surprises...

In order for us to best assist you in meeting your image needs, please advise on:

  • Your budget for the requested use(s)
  • Requested Use (editorial, publication, book, magazine, etc., or advertising);
  • Image Size and Placement
  • Intended Market (mass market, custom boutique, etc.)
  • Number of reproductions or "impressions"(subscribership, print run, circulation rate, etc.)
  • Term of Use ( Periodicity, as for one time, one month, 2 yr. campaign, etc.